July 25th, 2012

Hello Spades friends, fans, family.

We will be playing our farewell show August 10th 2013 at The Hunter Street Hootenanny in Peterborough Ontario. A free outdoor show! We have enlisted lots of guests and friends to help us out. We wish to extend to all of you who have helped us along the way with support and love, a heart felt thanks!

It has been the most rewarding time of our lives and something we will carry with us into the future with whatever that holds. Expect to hear lots more music from us, it just may not come in the form of The Spades. Cheers and best of luck to all. The future is bright.

Cheers, The Spades

Getting Snowmobile Insurance in Campbell River

January 5, 2013

Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island near the end of the famous Discovery Passage, Cambell River is a well-known city of British Columbia. The cold weather in the region has created demand for snowmobiles and therefore snowmobiles insurance cambell river. Snowmobiles are also referred to as snow machines or sleds. They are specifically made for winter travel and recreation. Being machines, the snowmobiles are prone to incidents and accidents. This is basically why like and other machines, there is a provision for snowmobiles insurance. As a matter of fact, no snowmobiles is supposed to be operated without insurance.

Some of the places in Vancouver Island are as high as 3,000 feet. The weather provides a perfect condition for sledding activities in the regions. Due to the rise in snowmobile use, there need to make sure riders and riding equipment are well protected. Well, one of the best ways to realize the same is by insuring them. There are also regulations in place to ensure maximum safety. For example; snowmobiles are not allowed within Strathcona Park. Also, snowmobiles operating within the area must be registered with Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC). An uninsured snowmobile can only operate Forest Service roads that have neither been plowed nor in use by other snowmobiles. To use the plowed FSR roads, the snowmobile will need to have been insured and the driver needs to be licensed.

The insurance costs in Cambell River are influenced by the following factors:

The driver's age, profession and driving record.

The driver's residence as well as the area of operation.

Attributes of the snowmobile in question.

The desired coverage options.

These are the most basic factors that are considered by most snowmobile insurance companies in the region. Whereas insurance costs can vary depending on the above factors, it is recommended for one to do a thorough research to be able to obtain the best deals. It is even better to obtain that kind of information even before acquiring an automobile.

The rates of the insurance companies largely depend on statistics. How many accidents take place in a certain region? What is the percentage of accidents caused by experienced drivers compared to the inexperienced ones? Which types of automobile is more prone to accidents? Once you are well researched, it is easy to pick an insurance company that works for you. You can also see if there are any discounts offered. The idea is to get the best value for your money.

Some of the areas insurance covers in snowmobile include:

Roadside assistance

Accessory coverage

Uninsured motorists cover

Comprehensive coverage

Other tips that may be of help as far as snowmobile safety is concerned include:

Drive only when sober

Have a mobile phone to communicate in case of emergencies

Have a first-aid kit and know how to use it

Wear recommended protective gear.

Be keen when driving

Avoid driving in the dark

Avoid frozen rivers and lakes



The Hootenanny On Hunter Street
Saturday August 10th

Farewell Show
The Spades & Friends

Free | 10pm (The Spades) | ALL DAY


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